Are you concerned about your child’s development? You have come to the right place.

Lowcountry Therapy is a privately owned therapy group dedicated to providing the highest level of quality, personalized therapy. We have teamed up with Baby Net to become a “natural environment” provider. What does that mean? Our therapists come to you. This allows for consistent therapy for your child and does not pull your child away from the home setting. Your therapist will introduce you to new ways you child can interact with their toys and other daily used items to maximize on progress made on theory goals. Therapy at your home gives you the ability to see and hear what your therapist is doing. Parents will join in on the therapy session and be able to carry-over every skill learned with the therapist.

Our approach to therapy is family-based, using a unique partnership between child, parent, and therapist. We believe that parental involvement in goal setting and treatment planning is the single most important factor to successful outcomes.

We get to know the whole-child which involves getting to know mom and dad (and other caregivers), too! We are proud to offer evidence-based therapeutic intervention. The methods we use are supported by clinical research. This ensures the highest level of measurable outcomes for your child.

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